Face It NZ is now CLOSED ☀️ however, if you would like to purchase bulk masks or want to enquire on any remaining stock, contact Beckie via Instagram or nzfaceit@gmail.com. Thanks so much for your support ☀️

Have a question?

- How do I wash my Face It NZ mask?

Wash both mask, and bag, in a hot water wash. Allow the mask to dry completely before next use. Using a bag will keep masks clean in between uses.

- Do Face It NZ masks come with a filter pocket or nose adjustment piece? 

We've kept it simple to make the affordable, so there are no filter pockets or nose adjustment piece. However, soon, we will be offering an attachable nose piece. 

- I can't breath in my Face It NZ mask, why?

While Face It NZ masks are only two layers of natural, soft and breathable fabric, that doesn't mean everyone will love them. Everyone has their own preference and needs for a mask. 

- Can I wear Face It NZ masks instead of medical masks?

We do not recommend the use of Face It NZ masks where medical masks are required. However, as global research on the use of masks is evolving, studies show the use of a fabric mask is better than wearing no mask at all.

The mask is intended for those who need to leave the house for essentials but don't want to wear a scarf or a paper face mask.

- Is there a particular way to fit and remove a mask?

Yes. It is important that face masks are worn and removed correctly. Masks should fully cover your nose and mouth. To remove the mask correctly, take off elastic from around the ears to minimise touching the mask itself. Wash hands thoroughly before and after fitting the mask, and again before and after removing it. Avoid touching the front of the mask during use.

Head over to the Ministry of Health website for more information on Covid-19: https://bit.ly/345WLxx