Face It NZ is now CLOSED ☀️ however, if you would like to purchase bulk masks or want to enquire on any remaining stock, contact Beckie via Instagram or nzfaceit@gmail.com. Thanks so much for your support ☀️

The masks + care

We know masks aren’t that fun to wear, so we have crafted a socially conscious, handmade fabric face mask that offers a touch of style when it comes to basic health protection.
Sustainable, reusable and adjustable fabric face masks handmade in Wellington, New Zealand.
Face It NZ believes its masks can live a long life if taken care of, read below how to get the most out of your mask.

- All masks are double-layered using both tightly-woven 100% linen and 100% cotton, and are all lined with 100% breathable cotton.

- Masks are unisex, and are one size fits most, with adjustable elastic straps.

- Reusable fabric bags are an optional extra. We see the bags as a hygienic way to keep clean masks clean, and for used masks until the next wash.

- Tips and instructions on how to wear a mask properly are also included with the mask, and available online.

Elastic replacements

After use day after day, elastic can loose it's elasticity and then become ineffective, and annoying. But it can easily be replaced by rethreading new elastic through the mask loops.  

Wearing the mask

Adjust the elastic knots to lengthen or shorten straps to comfortably fit the face, ensuring there are no gaps. Thread elastic through to hide the knot.

Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after fitting the mask, and before and after removing it.

To remove the mask correctly, unfasten the elastic from around your ears first, this will minimise the chances of touching the mask itself.

Avoid touching the front of the mask during use. 

Caring for the mask and bag

Wash both the mask and pouch after use, and allow both to dry completely before next use.

Using the pouch provided will keep mask clean in between uses.

This is a personal use item and cannot be returned.
Friendly disclaimer: Face It NZ masks are not a medical product, and are not PPE certified.